BenQ MW560 WXGA 4000 lumen DLP Projector Review

BenQ MW560 projector
benq mw560

BenQ, the internationally renowned provider of visual technology solutions, has carved a niche for itself in the projector market, delivering products known for their superior color accuracy, innovative technology, and long-term reliability. The BenQ MW560 is the brand’s latest offering, continuing its trend of high-performance projectors.

Targeted at the medium budget segment of the market, MW560 is a versatile device designed to satisfy both household and commercial users’ demands.

Building on the success of its predecessors, the MW560 takes a step forward with upgraded features and improved performance while standing toe-to-toe with contemporary rivals from Epson, Optoma, and others.

Key Features of BenQ MW560

The core of any projector lies in its performance, and this is where the BenQ MW560 truly impresses. The performance of this projector is a harmonious orchestration of several vital components – image quality, brightness, contrast ratio, and color reproduction.


When it comes to image quality, the MW560 boasts a native 1280×800 WXGA resolution, which is the standard for high-definition video. This resolution allows the projector to produce images that are crisp and clear, making the minutest details discernible.

Whether you’re screening a detailed data visualization for a business meeting or enjoying the intricate graphics of a videogame, the MW560’s image quality lends a heightened sense of clarity to every frame.


Brightness is another critical factor in a projector’s performance. The MW560 shines bright with 4,000 ANSI lumens, ensuring vibrant and visible images even in environments with ambient light.

This high brightness level means the projector doesn’t necessitate a completely dark room to deliver a clear, vivid viewing experience, giving users the flexibility to use it in a variety of lighting conditions.

Contrast ratio:

Next up is the contrast ratio. With a remarkable contrast ratio of 20,000:1, the MW560 excels in differentiating between the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. This aspect is crucial in providing depth to images and making them appear more three-dimensional.

Higher contrast ratios result in more realistic and dynamic images, and the MW560 delivers in this aspect, providing viewers with a richer, more immersive viewing experience.

Color reproduction:

The last but certainly not the most minor element in our analysis is where the MW560 truly stands out. It incorporates BenQ’s exclusive color technology, which extends and enhances the color range of the projector. This results in more accurate, more saturated colors that remain true to the source.

Clear Image quality

From the vivid reds and deep blues of a cinematic masterpiece to the subtle hues in a business presentation, the MW560 reproduces colors with impressive accuracy, providing a viewing experience that’s as close to the director or designer’s intent as possible.

The combination of high-quality images, impressive brightness, deep contrast, and remarkable color accuracy contribute to an enhanced, immersive viewing experience with the BenQ MW560.

Whether for professional presentations or home entertainment, these performance characteristics combine to deliver visuals that are detailed, vibrant, and strikingly realistic.

Product Overview

Taking a close look at the BenQ MW560, we find a product that’s as much about substance as it is about style. Its design, build quality, and technical specifications collectively make it a projector that’s noteworthy in its category.


Aesthetically, the MW560 maintains a streamlined, compact design that makes it an attractive addition to any space. It comes in a sleek white casing with a minimalist layout that’s both modern and timeless.

BenQ MW560

Despite its tiny footprint, the projector houses a range of powerful features, demonstrating BenQ’s commitment to efficient use of space.

Build Quality:

In terms of build quality, the MW560 showcases BenQ’s commitment to reliability. The sturdy construction of the device speaks of its longevity, promising durability even under frequent use.

Despite its robust build, the MW560 is light enough to be portable, offering users the flexibility to move it around as required. Also, BenQ’s track record of quality assurance gives users confidence in the MW560’s long-term performance and reliability.

Unique Feature:

One distinctive feature of the MW560 is its SmartEco Mode, a unique energy-saving feature. This technology adjusts lamp power use dynamically, optimizing it according to content brightness levels to reduce power consumption significantly.

This results in an extended lamp life of up to 15,000 hours, which is considerably more than what’s offered by many competitors in the same category.

This significantly reduces maintenance and lamp replacement costs, providing a low total cost of ownership. It’s an intelligent feature that does not compromise on picture quality while being energy-efficient.

Vertical Keystone:

Additionally, the MW560 has a vertical keystone correction feature, allowing for easy set-up and square images, even when the projector is set up at an angle to the screen.

It also comes with a 1.2x Zoom feature, enabling flexible installation and projection sizes, making it easier for users to fit the projector into their specific setup.

Overall, the BenQ MW560 is more than just a projector. It’s a blend of superior technology, well-thought-out design, and user-friendly features.

Its solid performance, combined with energy-saving capabilities and long lamp life, sets it apart in its category, making it a worthy contender for anyone seeking a reliable, high-performance projector.

Connectivity And Compatibility

The MW560 is designed with modern connectivity needs in mind. It boasts a multitude of input/output ports, including two HDMI ports, two VGA ports, an RS232 control port, and more.

These extensive connection options make it compatible with a variety of devices, from laptops and Blu-ray players to gaming consoles.

MW560 Connectivity options

Moreover, the MW560 supports wireless presentations from smart devices using the optional QCast Mirror HDMI Wireless Dongle, making it an even more versatile projector in its category.

Sound Quality Of Benq MW560

Although it includes a built-in 2W speaker, the MW560 is not primarily intended for a cinematic auditory experience.

However, the speaker quality is more than adequate for presentations and casual viewing. For a full, rich home theater experience, it would be best to complement it with an external sound system.

Full Specifications

Display Type          :    DLP (Digital Light Processing)

Native Resolution :    WXGA (1280×800)

Max Resolution     :    Up to 1920×1200 (downscaled)

Brightness              :    4000 ANSI Lumens

Contrast Ratio       :    20,000:1

Connectivity           :    VGA, HDMI

Item Weight           :    5.07 lbs

Throw Ratio           :   1.55:1 – 1.70:1

User Interface And Set-Up Options

Sometimes to determine the user experience of a device User interface and Set-up options often play a decisive role, and in the case of the BenQ MW560, the brand has made significant strides in these areas.

User Interface:

The BenQ MW560 emphasizes a user-friendly experience through its intuitive interface and easy set-up process. On powering up, users are greeted by a transparent, easy-to-navigate menu system, where they can adjust settings such as picture mode, brightness, contrast, and keystone correction.


Setting up the MW560 is straightforward. The projector includes features such as automatic vertical keystone correction, which helps square the image on the screen, even if the projector isn’t perfectly aligned.

This, coupled with a 1.2x zoom feature, simplifies the installation process, allowing the user to easily fit the projected image to their screen.

Remote Control:

The MW560 comes with a well-designed remote control, contributing to the projector’s overall ease of use. The remote is ergonomically designed with clearly labeled buttons, providing quick access to common functions like power, volume, source selection, and navigation keys for the OSD.

It also features hotkeys for EcoBlank and QCast, allowing for quick activation of these features.

Moreover, the IR sensor on the projector is well-positioned and sensitive, ensuring that the remote control works seamlessly from different angles and distances.

This ensures that whether you’re sitting on a couch in your home theater or standing at a podium in a conference room, you can easily control the projector.

Energy Efficiency Of BenQ MW560

Energy efficiency is another area where the MW560 shines. As mentioned, its SmartEco Mode adjusts lamp power dynamically, reducing power consumption by up to 70% while still delivering top-notch image quality.

In addition, it has a standby mode that draws less than 0.5W, making it an eco-friendly choice for energy-conscious users.

Pros & Cons

  • High Brightness
  • Impressive Contrast Ratio
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Long Lamp Life
  • Versatility
  • Resolution
  • Lack of Wireless Connectivity

Suitability: Ideal Use-Cases For The BenQ MW560

The BenQ MW560 is a versatile device, suited to a variety of use cases due to its blend of high brightness, impressive resolution, and full-color reproduction. Let’s delve into how it fits into various scenarios:

Home Theater Use:

With its excellent contrast ratio, robust color reproduction, and high brightness, the MW560 is an excellent choice for a home theater setup. Its high lumen count ensures that even in rooms with ambient light, viewers can enjoy clear, vibrant images.

MW560 compact design

The SmartEco Mode helps to deliver a cinematic experience by optimizing brightness and contrast levels according to the content.

The projector’s support for 3D content further adds to its suitability for a home cinema environment.

Business Presentations:

The MW560 is equally fit for the corporate world. Its WXGA resolution and high brightness level makes it ideal for delivering crisp, clear presentations, even in large meeting rooms.

Projection Distance

The 1.2x zoom allows for flexible placement, catering to various room sizes. Moreover, the vast array of connectivity options, including HDMI and VGA, enables seamless integration with a range of business equipment.

Educational Settings:

In classrooms and lecture halls, the MW560 is an asset. Its high brightness ensures visibility even in well-lit rooms, ensuring that content is clearly visible to all students.

The long lamp life, up to 15,000 hours in lamp save mode, is beneficial for institutions where the projector is used frequently.

The simple setup and user-friendly interface also mean that educators can focus more on teaching and less on managing technology.

Events and Exhibitions:

For larger setups like exhibitions or events, the MW560’s high brightness and flexible installation options come in handy. Whether projecting art installations or showcasing promotional material, the MW560 delivers reliable, high-quality projection.

Price And Value

When considering the cost of the BenQ MW560, it’s important to weigh it against the value delivered in terms of features, performance, and long-term usage. The present price of this projector is around 479$.

The MW560 is priced in the mid-range segment of the projector market, making it an affordable option considering its performance metrics and features. With a 4,000 ANSI lumens brightness, high contrast ratio of 20,000:1, and WXGA resolution, it delivers excellent picture quality that rivals or exceeds many projectors within the same price range.

Further, it boasts a number of advanced and user-friendly features, such as the SmartEco Mode for energy efficiency, 1.2x zoom for flexible setup, vertical keystone correction for easy alignment, and long lamp life for lower maintenance. These add considerable value and convenience, enhancing the user experience while contributing to cost savings over time.

The MW560 comes with a mid-range price tag; the wealth of features, high performance, and long-term reliability it offers make it a cost-effective choice. Its price is justified by the value it delivers, making it a worthy investment for users seeking a blend of quality, versatility, and durability.


In comparison to other projectors in its pricing range, the MW560 holds its own. For example, against the Epson EX7260, it offers a similar resolution but surpasses it in terms of brightness and contrast ratio.

Similarly, while the Optoma W335 also offers impressive specs, it falls short in terms of brightness and lacks the energy-saving features of the MW560.

Final Verdict

The BenQ MW560 excels in various areas, notably its high brightness, excellent contrast ratio, robust connectivity options, and eco-friendly features. However, like any device, it has room for improvement, primarily in its built-in speaker performance and the absence of a native Full HD resolution.

In conclusion, the MW560 represents a compelling balance between quality, performance, and cost. It embodies the innovation and reliability BenQ is known for while offering a versatile solution for diverse projection needs.

Technically proficient users seeking an advanced yet affordable projector should find the MW560 a worthy contender in today’s competitive market.

BenQ MW560 Buying Guide

When considering the purchase of the BenQ MW560 projector, several factors need to be taken into account to ensure it meets your requirements and provides value for your investment.

Here’s a brief guide to assist you in making an informed decision.

Assess Your Needs: The first step is to clearly define what you need the projector for. The BenQ MW560 is a versatile projector, ideal for home theaters, business presentations, educational settings, and even events or exhibitions. Ensure that the MW560 aligns with your specific use case.

Picture Quality: Consider the MW560’s image quality, which is determined by factors like brightness, contrast ratio, and resolution. With a brightness of 4000 ANSI lumens, a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, and WXGA (1280×800) resolution, the MW560 delivers vibrant and clear images.

However, if you’re looking for Full HD or 4K resolution, you might want to explore other options.

Connectivity: Review your connectivity requirements. The MW560 offers a range of inputs, including dual HDMI ports and VGA, providing flexibility to connect multiple devices.

However, it lacks wireless connectivity, which might be a consideration if you’re seeking a wire-free setup.

Warranty and Support: Finally, consider the warranty period and the quality of customer support offered by BenQ. This will guarantee that you have sufficient protection and assistance if any issues arise post-purchase.


1Q: Can the BenQ MW560 be ceiling mounted?

A: Yes, the MW560 can be ceiling mounted. However, the mounting bracket is not included and must be purchased separately.

2Q: Does the this MW560 support 4K resolution?

A: The MW560 supports input up to 1920×1200 resolution, which is downscaled to its native WXGA (1280×800) resolution. It does not support 4K resolution.

3Q: Can I connect my laptop or computer to the MW560 projector?

A: Yes, you can connect a laptop or computer to the MW560 using either the HDMI or VGA inputs.

4Q: Does the MW560 have a zoom feature?

A: Yes, the MW560 comes with a 1.2x manual optical zoom. This allows for flexibility in the distance of the projector from the screen while maintaining image quality.

5Q: Does the MW560 projector have wireless connectivity?

A: The MW560 does not include built-in wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. However, it does offer a wide range of wired connectivity options, including dual HDMI ports, VGA, and USB.

6Q: Can the MW560 projector be used for 3D viewing?

A: Yes, the MW560 does support 3D content. However, you will need DLP-Link 3D glasses (not included with the projector) to enjoy 3D viewing.

7Q: What is the lamp life of the MW560 projector?

A: The MW560’s lamp has a life of up to 6,000 hours in Normal mode, 10,000 hours in Economic mode, and up to 15,000 hours in SmartEco mode, contributing to lower maintenance and replacement costs.

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